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DIY seal your shower or balcony without removing tiles

There’s a problem occurring in bathrooms all over Australia and quite often, it’s left untreated for a long time. It’s a leaking shower recess and, speaking from our experience, shower tile waterproofing is a very common service. We see a huge number of these every year and one of the questions we’re asked a lot is if you can DIY seal your shower (or balcony) without removing tiles. The answer is yes … and no.

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DIY balcony waterproofing without removing tiles

We’re so lucky to have beautiful weather in Australia which means we spend a lot of time outdoors. A tiled balcony is a fantastic place to sit for meals, to read, have a beer or a glass of wine or just to soak up the rays. Unfortunately, tiled balconies can be afflicted with leaks. Your first thought is probably “Oh no! That means we’re going to have to rip up the tiles to fix it!” Well, not necessarily. DIY balcony waterproofing without removing tiles is possible … but once you read this article, you may decide to call in the professionals.

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Successful remedial waterproofing system for leaking balconies

Nobody likes a leaking balcony. It’s not just because there’s mess involved but because when you expect your balcony to be waterproof and it fails, it makes the area far less enjoyable to use. No matter how the job was done in the first place – correctly or incorrectly – a successful remedial waterproofing system for leaking balconies is now in order. Fortunately, just such a system does exist and your leaking balcony repairs can be done in around half a day. Then you can get back to your outdoor breakfasts, barbecues and relaxing.

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DIY balcony waterproofing without removing tiles – yes or no?

Staying home is the new going out! As such, we want our homes to be maintained in a condition that’s enjoyable, practical, safe and convenient. But what happens when you have a leaking tiled balcony? Does your mind instantly go to the nightmare of removing tiles to find the leak? What if we told you that balcony waterproofing repair can be done without removing any tiles?

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How to DIY repair your leaking shower without removing tiles

If you think your shower is leaking behind the scenes, you could find that one of the trickiest things about fixing it is knowing exactly where the leak is. After all, you can’t just fix the damage the water leak has caused. You have to fix the leak completely or the damage will continue.

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Yes, fixing a water leak can be done without removing tiles!

Water leaks are the worst! They seem like a mystery at first. You might notice a damp odour coming from your bathroom, damp water marks in the tiles of your shower floor or swelling cabinetry in the laundry. It’s one of those things that makes just enough of an impact to be noticeable but not enough of an impact to demand immediate attention. Once carpet starts to feel damp underfoot, however, then it becomes a more pressing situation.