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Rising Damp Waterproofing

Rising Damp Waterproofing

Competent masonry work results in superior quality construction. But if the work is subpar, then it gives rise to problems like rising damp. They are a common issue that needs to be treated pretty soon, or else it may compromise the structural stability of your property.

Contact United Trade for total assistance in getting rid of rising damp from your walls and ceilings.

What United Trade Offer

Problems of Rising Damp on the Wall

This issue happens when ground moisture is drawn upward into walls. The bricks and mortar start absorbing the moisture from groundwater and go up via a capillary action. This leads to dampness in the lower portion of the walls. Our team at United Trade is adept at finding the root cause of the source of moisture. This way, our waterproofing can effectively eliminate this issue and prevent further damage to your walls.

Our Services

Get in touch with our damp specialists for these services

  • Inspection of the surfaces
  • Identifying the root cause of the moisture source
  • Treating the damaged surface
  • Injection of a silicone-based chemical to form a barrier
  • Wood rot treatment

If you see bubbling paint or peeling or flaking, then it is time to call the dampness terminators at United Trade.

When to Call Us?

The below are some signs of rising damp

  • Patches on Walls: Rising damp appears in the form of darker patches that are visible to the eye. These can lead to peeling or flaking on the wall.
  • Salt Formation: Crystalline formations on wall surfaces are another sign of rising damp. It is a testament to water’s journey through your walls. This occurrence is often accompanied by a persistent damp odour.
  • Mould- The Unwelcome Tenant: Another tell-tale sign of rising damp is black mould growth in affected areas. It often points to musty smells signalling microbial infestation. You need to connect with United Trade immediately.
  • Decaying Timbers: You will face structural threats with wood rot. It is often depicted by the deterioration of skirting boards and exposed timber. This problem needs expert intervention as this issue has the potential for devastating wet or dry rot.

What Causes Rising Damp

Is your home secretly under siege? Rising damp is often a stealthy adversary. It may be infiltrating your walls right now. Call United Trade for total assessment and treatment of this issue. Here are some causes of rising damp

  • Nature’s Upward Pull – Capillary Action: Microscopic channels in building materials become moisture highways. Bricks, mortar, and concrete act as sponges. The porous materials draw water upwards and damage the walls.
  • Defective or Missing Damp-Proof Course: DPC is your home’s first line of defence against rising moisture. When damaged or absent, it’s an open invitation for dampness.
  • Rising Groundwater Levels: Soil saturation becomes your foundation’s enemy. Rising water tables can catch even well-protected homes off guard.
  • Poor Drainage: Inefficient water diversion creates a moisture-rich environment. In this problem, the foundations surrounded by water-logged soil become prime targets.
  • Poor Building Design and Construction: This sign may come up in older constructions. They may often lack modern damp-proofing processes and techniques. They may inadvertently welcome moisture.

How to Treat Rising Damp

  • Expert Diagnosis: We begin treatment with a thorough rising damp survey to uncover the root causes. The insights gained form the basis for a tailored treatment strategy.
  • Advanced Damp-Proof Course (DPC) Solutions: At the heart of most rising damp treatments lies the installation or restoration of an effective damp-proof course. This sophisticated process involves precision drilling and injection of DPC cream.
  • Innovative Membrane Technology: We also strive to reinforce the efficacy of DPC treatments. For this, our experts often incorporate damp-proof membranes. These advanced barriers strengthen the damp-proofing measures. Hence, you get a clean slate for restoration work.
  • Structural Integrity Restoration: We look at structural elements like compromised roofing or wall cracks. With this approach, we combat current issues. We also fortify the building against future moisture ingress.
  • Proactive Maintenance Protocols: The longevity of rising damp treatments hinges on vigilant monitoring and maintenance. We recommend regular inspections and timely interventions. This proactive stance ensures the ongoing effectiveness of damp-proofing solutions.

Contact Our Waterproofing and Concrete Repair Experts

Don’t let rising damp silently erode your home’s foundation. It can ruin your family’s well-being. It is vital to call our experts at United Trade. Remember, early intervention is key to preserving your property’s value and ensuring a healthy living environment.

Consult with our experienced technicians today to assess your home’s risk. We will help build a tailored waterproofing solution. Protect your home and safeguard your health by tackling rising damp head-on.

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