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Concrete Injection Service

Concrete Injection Service

Concrete Injection Service

Are you concerned about water leaks? Then it's time to contact United trade for assistance. We specialise in injecting polyurethane into cracks, cavities, voids, joints, and gaskets to prevent water leakage. With our advanced techniques and cutting-edge materials, we ensure that your concrete structures remain strong and resilient against the elements.

What United Trade Offer

What sets United trade apart is our unparalleled competence in concrete injection services. With decades of varied experience in both residential and business settings, we have honed our skills to perfection. Our highly skilled technicians possess the expertise and knowledge necessary to tackle any concrete-related challenge that comes their way.


Here are just a few of the exceptional Concrete Injection Services we offer:


Concrete Cancer/Spalling Repairs: Don’t let concrete cancer and spalling compromise the integrity of your structures. Our experts are well-versed in identifying and remedying these issues, restoring your concrete to its original strength and beauty.


Concrete Crack Injection: Cracks in concrete can be a major concern, allowing water to seep through and cause further damage. At United trade, we employ state-of-the-art techniques to inject specialised materials into these cracks, reinforcing and sealing them for long-lasting protection.


Leaking Crack Injection: Water leakage can wreak havoc on your property, leading to costly repairs and potential safety hazards. Our skilled team is adept at locating leaking cracks and injecting them with the appropriate materials to effectively seal them off, preventing further damage.


Epoxy Crack Injection: When it comes to repairing cracks in your concrete structures, epoxy crack injection is a reliable solution. United trade utilizes high-quality epoxy materials to fill and bond these cracks, ensuring a durable and seamless repair that withstands the test of time.


Polyurethane Crack Injection: Protect your property from water infiltration with our polyurethane crack injection services. Our team is proficient in injecting polyurethane into cracks, cavities, voids, joints, and gaskets, providing an impermeable barrier that safeguards your structures against water damage.


Our expertise covers a wide range of applications, including:


Industrial: We provide reliable concrete injection solutions for industrial facilities, ensuring structural integrity and protection against water leaks.


Commercial: Trust us to address your commercial property needs with our professional concrete injection services, safeguarding your investment.


Residential: Our team is skilled in residential concrete injection, offering effective solutions to repair cracks, prevent water leaks, and maintain the longevity of your home.


Insurance: We work closely with insurance providers, delivering timely and reliable concrete injection services that meet their clients’ requirements.


Strata Building: With our specialised expertise in strata building repairs, we ensure the structural stability and value of these shared properties.


At United trade, we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. We understand the importance of timely and efficient service, and our dedicated professionals work diligently to complete every project to the highest standards. With us, you can expect exceptional craftsmanship, reliable solutions, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations.


Don’t let water leaks compromise your property’s integrity. Contact United trade today at 1800 845 154 or email us at sales@unitedtrade.com.au  and let our concrete injection service experts provide the solutions you need. Trust in our experience, expertise, and dedication to deliver outstanding results that stand the test of time.

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Vast Experience and Expertise

Setting us apart is our extensive industry experience. With a proven track record of successful projects, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every task, ensuring exceptional results.

24/7 Response and Client Support

We understand that emergencies can arise at any time. That’s why we offer round-the-clock response and client support. Whether it’s a late-night repair or a last-minute request, we are always available to assist you.

Accredited and Reputable

We take pride in being accredited by renowned industry organizations, a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our reputation speaks for itself, and we maintain the highest standards of quality in all our endeavors.

Robust Resources

Equipped with a dedicated team of professionals and advanced equipment, we can handle projects of any scale and complexity, ensuring outstanding outcomes for your maintenance requirements.

Professional, Punctual, and Reliable

In our line of work, professionalism and reliability are paramount. Our team is punctual, courteous, and dedicated to fulfilling our promises, ensuring that deadlines are met and your expectations are exceeded

Tailored Solutions

We believe in understanding your unique needs. Our services are designed to provide practical solutions that cater to your specific requirements, transforming your vision into reality.

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