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Rising Damp Solution

Rising Damp Solution

Rising damp is the ascension of moisture from the ground to the surfaces of your property. Water rises up walls by capillary action. This causes dampness to form on the masonry until it evaporates.

As the moisture evaporates, salts dissolved in the water collect at the evaporation points. These are typically situated near the base of the wall. These salts block the pores of the masonry. It slows evaporation and causes water to rise higher to find new evaporation points.

This process leads to salts damaging a larger portion of the wall over time. The cycle continues until the weight of the water prevents it from rising any further. Without intervention, the continual evaporation from salt-affected areas will lead to significant salt accumulation. As a result, you will see the surface of the masonry to begin crumbling.

You need timely maintenance and proper treatment with the help of United Trade. Our crew in Sydney works to prevent long-term damage. Plus, we help preserve the structural integrity of the walls.

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Water, Salt, and Evaporation – The Triad of the Rising Damp Menace

  • Water: Water serves as the primary transport mechanism in rising damp. But interestingly, it’s not the direct cause of damage. Through capillary action, water ascends through masonry, creating dampness. However, its true significance lies in its role as a vehicle for dissolved salts.

    Our damp-proofing experts uncover the difference between water damage and dampness-related problems. This facilitates accurate treatment choices.
  • Salt: The visible damage in this issue often comes from salt crystallization. As wet salt dries, growing crystals exert pressure on the microscopic bonds within masonry materials. This process gradually weakens the structural integrity of the masonry. The result is erosion of its component parts.
  • Evaporation: As water evaporates from salt-laden masonry, it leaves behind concentrated salt deposits. This buildup of salt crystals leads to the typical symptoms of rising damp. Here, you would see the occurrence of crumbling masonry and paint blistering.

    When you understand the interplay of these components, you’ll know why certain remediation measures become a logical approach for rising damp treatment.

Rising Damp Injection – An Impactful Barrier Tech

Our team uses a proven method to counter the many ill effects of rising damp. We use a rising damp injection. The process creates a sophisticated barrier within the masonry. It effectively halts the upward movement of water through capillary action.

This groundbreaking technique stops the immediate progression of moisture. Moreover, it prevents the further deposition of damaging salts above the treated area.

Addressing Existing Salt Deposits- A Crucial Step

The injection process prevents new salt accumulation. But we know that previously deposited salts may remain within the substrate. To achieve optimal results, we remove the existing salts via one of two methods.

  • Render Removal and Replacement: It is a holistic approach involving the removal of existing render and application of new materials.
  • Cocoon Salt Removal System: This is a more advanced technique for raw, untreated masonry. In this method, we extract salts without the need for rendering.

When should you go for Render Removal

Knowing the specifics of your situation can potentially save you significant costs. We provide detailed insights to help you determine whether render removal is essential for your project or if alternative, more cost-effective solutions might suffice.

Property Owners Can Now Banish Rising Damp

Grasping the physics of rising damp and its remediation is invaluable. This knowledge gives property owners a chance to make informed decisions. It also helps you understand the logical principles behind the impactful treatment strategies we employ at United Trade.

Connect with us for an effective rising damp solution in Sydney.

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