Before using an epoxy sealer, you must ensure your crack is dry. If you notice that the crack is slightly damp, you must dry it using a blow-dryer and wait 15 minutes. Once done, you can proceed with your repair. Nevertheless, if the dampness returns, it suggests that water is still seeping inside the crack, and you must wait for it to dry out on its own.

Scrub the crack clean to remove loose paint, concrete, or old crack fillers using a wire brush. You can also remove debris and dust using a vacuum before making such concrete repairs.

Block Out All Injection Ports

Place 3-in. (10d) finishing nails halfway into the crack at least 12 inches apart. You must align the injection ports with your concrete crack.

Mix Epoxy Sealer

Open two containers of epoxy sealer and take out equal amounts of parts A and B. Use two different sticks to avoid contamination. Mixt both parts using a clean putty knife. Remember, you need to blend them until you achieve a uniform grey color.




Attach Injection Ports

Spread some sealer on the base of the plastic injection ports, ensuring you don’t block its hole. Slide the port on one of the nails and press it to the wall. Install all remaining ports similarly.

Spread Sealer along the Crack

Next, mix up a batch of epoxy sealer and apply it to the crack using a wide putty knife or a margin trowel. Ensure you spread the sealer thick and one inch on either side of the crack. Smooth out the sealer and feather the edges using a paintbrush dipped in mineral spirits.

Inject Epoxy into the Crack

If you can access the other side of the wall, check if the damage goes clean. If yes, you must apply a sealer on both sides. All it to cure for 6 – 10 hours before injecting the epoxy. Starting with the lowest port, dispense the epoxy into the crack until it oozes out.

Seal and Cut Injection Ports

Plug the port you just filled and insert a cartridge tip into the port. Squeeze the trigger to dispense the epoxy. Allow the LCR to cure for a few days and cut off the ports using a hacksaw. If you wish to have the best possible results, hire a professional to help you with your concrete repairs.