Epoxy injection is a great way to treat concrete cracks in basements, foundations, beams, slabs, columns, walls, and other structures. Injection of epoxy under pressure can bond any cracks with an opening greater than or equal to 0.05mm. This method, however, is not applicable if the crack is active, if they are large in number, or if the water leakage is uncontrollable.

If you do not fix the primary cause of the crack, it may reoccur near your original crack location. It is best to exercise extreme caution when injecting cracks that are not visible on all surfaces.

How Does Epoxy Injection Work?

Epoxy injections are ideally used to restore the pre-cracking condition of a concrete structure while also maintaining its overall strength. The tensile bond between the concrete substrate and the epoxy is much stronger than the tensile strength of concrete by itself. Even if your concrete structure has any future cracking under the same load, it will occur at different locations. In addition to resin injection, professionals can also help add reinforcement across the failure plane to provide additional strength. (anywhere between 1500 – 3200 psi).




External or internal reinforcement is ideally used with epoxy injections to strengthen and restore the entire structure. By using general epoxy injections, you can easily make concrete repairs on cracks as small as 0.013 mm in width.

How Long Does Epoxy Injection Last?

Epoxy and other resins tend to lose their strength when exposed to sustained elevated temperatures. You need to apply fireproofing protection to make such structural concrete repairs. However, when used correctly by a professional concrete repair expert, you can expect several years of service from your epoxy injection. However, it is vital to hire experts if you wish to see long-term results.

When you hire a professional to help you with concrete repairs, they will come with all the tools and equipment required for the task. Repair specialists also have years of training and on-field experience to deal with all forms of concrete damage in no time.