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Almost 25 years. Operators with a high level of expertise. A wide range of services are available.in all areas of Kurraba point, Sydney wide including Canberra Act, Wollongong, Goulburn, Newcastle

Epoxy Flooring Contractors have extensive experience in the application of all resin-based epoxy coatings, serving the Sydney Metropolitan Area.

Epoxy flooring can be applied to concrete factory floors, warehouse floors, garage floors, mechanical workshops, and commercial kitchen floors, and it will last for many years.

We specialise in the preparation and application of all sorts of Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating finishes to concrete floors at Sydney Epoxy Floors.


Our Epoxy Floor Coatings are durable, slip-resistant resin-based coatings that are useful, cleanable, and easy to maintain.


Our company’s main goal is to provide high-quality epoxy flooring services that will meet or surpass your expectations in every way.


Our professional personnel, estimators, and management team are all highly qualified in Kurraba point Sydney

Epoxy Floor Coating Systems for Industrial Environments

An industrial business’s harsh environment need a flooring solution that is both durable and long-lasting.


Our industrial-grade epoxy floor coating systems ensure that your floor can withstand the hardest chemicals and that it complies with Australian Flooring Standards.

Painting Epoxy Floors services available in Kurraba point Sydney

Epoxy coating systems are one of the most high- performing floor coating technologies available.


They provide outstanding durability, lifespan, and quick curing and drying times.


They are suited for industrial applications that require superior performance in a high-use, abrasive, and corrosive environment.


Epoxy coating solutions have the extra benefit of being able to adhere to a range of surfaces, including concrete, aluminium, steel, zinc, and galvanised components.

Easy-to-install and-maintain polyurethane waterproofing systems

Installation is quick and easy, and it can be ready to use in as little as a few hours.
Areas that are accessible to the public are skid resistant.
It has a pleasing appearance and a low dirt retention rate.
There are no welds, laps, or seams in this monolithic finish.
Weatherproof and UV resistance
It is simple to clean and maintain.
Long-term endurance and excellent wear resistance
Fuel, battery acid, and alkaline cleaners resistant
Polyurethane systems can be used in a variety of commercial and residential settings.
Decking waterproofing with waterproof materials and waterproof coatings
Waterproofing of the roof
Parking garages
Waterproofing systems for businesses
External waterproofing materials as well as internal waterproofing materials are available.

Injection of Polyurethane Water Ingress Crack Repair in Concrete for all Sydney wide including Kurraba point

Waterproofing Services &t Injection of Polyurethane Water Ingress Crack Repair in Concrete hat are fully qualified, quick, and dependable. Make a request for a call back. The team is certified. We are licenced and insured. Request a quote. Bathrooms/Shower Walls, Bath Podiums and Spa Baths, Shower Bases, Planter Boxes, and Roofs are some of the services we provide services in all areas Greater Western Sydney, Hills District, Kurraba point North Shore, Blue Mountains , Inner West ,Southwest, Sydney ,Central Cost


When water leaks into a building or structure through floor and wall gaps, it is known as water ingress. This is a major flaw since it can cause concrete structures to degrade, resulting in more catastrophic difficulties both now and in the future. If you have such leaks in your building or structure, we recommend contacting us to arrange a Polyurethane Injection repair.

Polyurethane Injection is ideally suited to treat and mend the following concrete repairs and protection processes:
Repairing Cracks in Basement Walls in Sydney
Repairing Cracks in the Floor and Walls in Sydney
Repairing a Leaking Balcony in Sydney
All additional cracks in Sydney through which water may be leaking
Included in the waterproofing is Car Park Waterproofing in Sydney
Leaking Cracks in Civil and Commercial Buildings in Sydney Basements and Underground Parking Spaces.

United trade Waterproofing & injections concrete cracks is a Eastern Suburbs, North Sydney, Western Sydney, Sydney City, South Sydney, Greater Western Sydney, Hills District, Kurraba point North Shore, Blue Mountains, Inner West ,Southwest, Sydney ,Central Cost -based company that specialises in everything from remedial waterproofing to concrete restorations. We provide a wide range of services in the Sydney area.

Our staff at Leak Free Waterproofing are specialists in the field of remedial waterproofing in Kurraba point

What are the advantages of injecting concrete cracks?


With epoxy or polyurethane, concrete crack injections can help heal and strengthen damaged and cracked concrete. This prevents water from leaking through the concrete and further structural damage to your home.

Crack Injection Concrete Protection for Basements, Foundations, and Retaining Walls

Contact united trade trades & services in Eastern Suburbs, North Sydney, Western Sydney, Sydney City, South Sydney, Greater Western Sydney ,Hills District, North Shore , Blue Mountains , Inner West ,Southwest, Sydney ,Central Cost for waterproofing, concrete repair, leaking balcony repair, and bathroom renovation professionals


Concrete is one of the most long-lasting man-made building materials available, as it is both sturdy and affordable.


Cement and water are mixed to make concrete, which is then cured to solidify. Concrete, on the other hand, shrinks as it hardens.Extremely low and high temperatures also cause cracking, as does drying too quickly or unevenly. If the soil beneath the foundation is not stable enough to support the structure’s weight, settlement will result in cracking.

United trade Waterproofing, joint water stops, Kurraba point, Sydney wide and Canberra Act, Wollongong, Goulburn, Newcastle, and Katoomba offers concrete waterproofing and remedial services for concrete rooftops, balconies, walls, floors, and other wet surfaces.

Process & Benefits


Cracks to be injected with resin should be cleansed to eliminate all debris and organic matter, especially debris adjacent to the crack that could hinder a crack seal coat from adhering or obstructing vision. The cleaning methods are as follows:

Pin that self-locates,
Hose Flange is applied to the substrate directly.
Water Damaged Carpet Sydney
blockage-reducing ridge, roughened base with holes
Sewerage Clean-Up
valve of safety
Drilled-in mechanical ports, on the other hand, may be required for some applications.

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