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United trade services offered for building remedial services in all Sydney wide and Killara suburbs

Insurance & Remedial Concrete Repairs & Maintenance – Both Registered Building Practitioner & Certified Waterproofed Construction    
Repairs & Remediation for Waterproofing
Window and door replacement
Roofing repairs
Infrastructure, Commercial, and Industrial
Structural rectification
Joint sealant
Concrete spalling repair
Lintel replacement
Membrane coating
Complete Internal refurbishment
United trade anti – slip flooring all aspect of commercial, industrial, residential in Sydney wide and Killara    

Clean Slip Seal has years of experience identifying and removing slipping problems from floors. They may treat a range of floor surfaces with industry-leading chemical treatments and sealers to make them non-slip and safe to walk on.


Do you own a shopping mall or a place of business? Wouldn’t it be great if your floors were anti-slip to reduce the chances of someone slipping and getting hurt? Your insurance provider may also compensate you for treating your floors in this manner!

United trade Clean Slip Seal Surface Solutions is a Sydney-based firm that provides a range of non-slip, cleaning, sealing, and maintenance products and services to the East Coast of Australia.
Structural repair, building remedial, waterproofing remedial all aspect of commercial, industrial, residential Sydney wide and Killara

Projects for Waterproofing

Whether it’s rectification, replacement, or failure, there’s a solution. Membranes for balconies

Replacement Membranes for the top of the roof
Correction and repair of expansion joints
Projects in Concrete and Brick
Concrete sacrificial anodes, slab edges, structural beams, and overhanging soffits
Crack in the Façade Brick & Stitching Coating systems with ties Projects for Windows and Doors
Cavity Repair and Replacement Systems with Flashing Lights
Hob & Sub Sill Rectifications & Repairs
Upgrades to Windows and Doors
Replacement or Repair of Timber Heritage Windows
Replacement of Combustible Cladding
Repairs or improvements to facade coatings
Projects for Cladding
Cladding Repairs for Rotten or Defective Cladding
Commercial Initiatives    
Fitting out office spaces on the inside
Bathroom Renovations
Painting And Decorating
Repairs and replacements of roofs
Repairs or Replacements of the External Façade
Detection and reporting of leaks
Gyprock Plasterboard
Only use the shower. Waterproofing failure necessitated replacements.
Complete bathroom renovations with specific waterproofing requirements
Residential Construction
Engineered structural works for apartments
Insurance Coverage & Repairs
Renovation or addition to an existing structure
Deck replacement and improvements

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