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United Trade Remedial Building Repair for Commercial and Residential is now servicing Mooney Mooney Central Coast to All Sydney Area

Our professionals have years of knowledge and cutting-edge technology to deliver the best solutions for all of your concrete problems in commercial and residential projects. We can handle any concrete surfacing project, including the following:

Waterproofing services

We offer professional waterproofing services for a variety of indoor and outdoor aspects of residential and commercial properties, including but not limited to:

Concrete pipe joints
Concrete rooftops
Retaining walls
Man-made ponds
Porous substrates
Reservoirs and dams
Wall/ceiling and wall/floor joints
Concrete water tanks
Green rooftop spaces
Balconies and patios
Plant rooms
Construction joints
Concrete swimming pools
Concrete slabs
Garden beds
Water fountains
Basement carparks
Expansion joints
Pipe/service penetrations
Our Team’s Waterproofing Service is now at Mooney Mooney Central Coast and North Sydney

Cracks are fixed without causing more damage to the wall, without requiring costly or time-consuming re-construction, and with minimal disruption to the building’s tenants. The treatment restores masonry structural integrity and improves resistance to further cracking.


Our remedial waterproofing expertise stems from decades of diversified experience in both residential and business settings.

Expansion Joint Repair
Wall Crack Stitching
Sunken or Cracked Concrete
Concrete Raising Service
Concrete Cancer + Stitching
Industrial, Residential Remedial Waterproofing Services is now servicing Mooney Mooney Central Coast and Sydney Area

Protective Coating services are available for a variety of indoor and external parts of residential and commercial structures, including.

Epoxy And Polyurea Coatings
Industrial Coating Systems
Polyurethane Coatings
Epoxy Flake Flooring
Polished Concrete Systems
Anti-slip & non-slip Flooring
United Trade Professionals of Protective Coating Service now in Mooney Mooney Central Coast and Hills District

Concrete grinding, polishing, and coloring will enhance the look and value of your new or restored home, retail space, or commercial structure.

Our expertise in Concrete Injection Service originates from decades of diverse experience in both residential and commercial settings.

Building Restoration Services
Remedial And Refurbishments
Painting And Decorating
General Building Services
Strata Repairs & Maintenance
Gyprock Plasterboard
Structural Repair
Bathroom Renovation
Remedial building Repair for Concrete Resurfacing is now in Mooney Mooney Central Coast and Wollongong

We don’t simply lay down brand new flooring. With a customized repair and maintenance service, we can help you extend the life of your current flooring. If you have cracked, pitted, or worn concrete floors and don’t want to spend the money on putting new concrete, give us a call.

We offer professional Concrete Resurfacing services for a variety of internal and external parts of residential and commercial buildings, including.

Concrete Grinding
Epoxy Paint Removal
Floor Levelling
Remediation And Restoration
Tile Glue Removal
Waterproofing Membrane Removal
Concrete Floor Polishing
Concrete Crack Repair
United Trade’s Quality Demolition Non-Structural work we are now servicing Mooney Mooney Central Coast and Eastern Suburbs

United Trade aims to keep all work spaces nearly dust-free by extracting dust with industrial-strength vacuum systems and suppressing dust with water misting technologies

Brick Wall Removal
BBQ Brick Up Removal
Office Partitions/Wall Removal
Gyprock Removal
Pergola, Patio Removal
Shop Strip-Outs
Ceiling Removal
Stair/Steps Removal
Our Crew specialize Floor Stripping from North Shore to Mooney Mooney Central Coast

While cork is soft and easily pulled in most circumstances, the glue is tough and well adhered to the subfloor. If set on concrete, the glue will need to be ground off the slab before a new floor covering can be installed.

Timber Flooring
Existing Coatings, Epoxy, Acrylic, etc
Vinyl Floor Removal
Cork Removal
Bedding Removal
Stencil Crete Removal
Wall Tile Removal
Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic Tile Removal
Glue Removal
Astro Turf Removal
Waterproofing Epoxy Removal
Paint Removal
Terracotta Removal
Carpet Vinyl
Timber Floor Removal
Slate Removal
Carpet Direct Stick Removal
Epoxy Removal
Dust Protection
Bensville Central Coast Graffiti Removal servicing from Southwestern Sydney to Mooney Mooney Central Coast

Amateurs who are unfamiliar with professional graffiti removal techniques utilize damaging and ineffectual approaches, which might cause problems.

Commercial Graffiti Removal
Residential Graffiti Removal
Anti-Graffiti Coating
Team outstanding company for Flood and Water Damage service from Blue Mountains to Mooney Mooney Central Coast

With our comprehensive services, we are here to help you at every stage. We’ll make it as stress-free as possible for you, and we’ll do everything we can to minimize the inconvenience.

Water Damage
Dry Carpet
Water Damaged Carpet Sydney
Sewerage Clean-Up
Flood Restoration
Water Extraction
Flood Restoration Sydney
Wet Carpet
Wet Carpet Drying in Sydney
Dry Water Damage Carpet Sydney
Sydney Area including Mooney Mooney Central Coast Polished Concrete Service for Residential and Industrial

Honed Concrete is a type of concrete that has been ground to give a matte surface that is even and smooth. Honed Concrete is an excellent flooring option for concrete in outdoor settings.

Residential Polished Concrete
Commercial Polished Concrete
Industrial Polished Concrete

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