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We are locals of United Trade's Remedial Building Repair, now servicing from Alison Central Coast to Greater Western Sydney

Our team is well-versed in handling all types of Concrete Spalling Repair, Concrete Crack Injection, Concrete/Masonry Facade Restoration, Concrete Expansion Joint Repairs, Concrete Resurfacing & Coating, Waterproofing, Membrane Coating.

We are Fully Licensed and Insured and with more than 25 years of experience.


United Trade Links is a trusted name across multiple major trades. Your customers are guaranteed the highest standard of workmanship. We look forward to an opportunity to meet with you to demonstrate how we can provide exceptional quality waterproofing services to you and your customers in Alison and Central Coast customers

Building Remediation Waterproofing for Commercial services in Alison Central Coast and Western Sydney

We specialize in waterproofing and are one of Sydney’s premier waterproofing contractors. At a cheap price, we offer a complete range of waterproofing services, including bathroom, shower, basement, balcony, and swimming pool waterproofing. Our team of highly qualified waterproofing specialists provides consistent quality and dependability by employing premium membrane materials and cutting-edge technology to protect both commercial and residential premises from water damage.

On the Central Coast, we offer a wide range of waterproofing services.

Bathroom waterproofing
Shower waterproofing
Basements waterproofing
Balcony Waterproofing
Retaining wall waterproofing
Planter Box waterproofing
Flat roof waterproofing
Box gutter waterproofing
Swimming pool waterproofing
Joint sealing and waterproofing
United Trade Remedial waterproofing Contractor from Alison Central Coast to Wollongong

You no longer must waste time resolving your water issues. We provide dependable remedial waterproofing services at United Trade Links. To provide you with a complete piece of mind, our waterproofing professionals will detect the issues and remedy them within the agreed-upon time frame.

Our complete suite of remedial waterproofing services in Central Coast includes
Leak detection
External waterproofing repair
Internal waterproofing repair
Bathroom makeover
Below ground waterproofing
Leaking balcony repair
Leaking shower repair
Building Trades for Concrete injection waterproofing in Alison Central Coast and Wollongong

Are you concerned about water leaks? Then it’s time to contact United Trade for assistance. We specialize in injecting polyurethane into cracks, cavities, voids, joints, and gaskets to prevent water leakage.

Our Concrete Injection Service competence stems from decades of varied experience in both residential and business settings.

Concrete Cancer/Spalling Repairs
Epoxy Crack Injection
Concrete Crack Injection
Polyurethane Crack Injection
Leaking Crack Injection
Remedial Building Service Resurfacing now servicing Alison Central Coast and Sydney Wide

We are a polished concrete specialist headquartered in SYDNEY with over 25 years of experience in a variety of interior and outdoor projects. Polished concrete is the newest “modern” aesthetic as well as a long-term investment, and our goal is to protect your investment by providing the finest quality of craftsmanship and employing a wide selection of innovative sealers to protect your floor.

We offer professional Concrete Resurfacing services for a variety of internal and external parts of residential and commercial buildings, including.
Concrete Grinding
Epoxy Paint Removal
Floor Levelling
Remediation And Restoration
Tile Glue Removal
Waterproofing Membrane Removal
Concrete Floor Polishing
Concrete Crack Repair
Building Maintenance Demolition Non – Structural service from Alison Central Coast to All Sydney Area

At United Trade, we take great effort to ensure that our job is done correctly. We want to remove the pergola and all of its components totally, but we also don’t want to harm anything else in the vicinity. We are a competent company with a long history of impressing Sydney clients with the quality of our work.

Brick Wall Removal
BBQ Brick Up Removal
Office Partitions/Wall Removal
Gyprock Removal
Pergola, Patio Removal
Shop Strip-Outs
Ceiling Removal
Stair/Steps Removal
Experts of Floor Stripping Services by United Trade now in Alison Central Coast and Wollongong

There is frequently an old floor finish that needs to be removed at United Trade. We can remove the tiles regardless of whether the floor has to be restored.

Timber Flooring
Existing Coatings, Epoxy, Acrylic, etc
Vinyl Floor Removal
Cork Removal
Bedding Removal
Stencil Crete Removal
Wall Tile Removal
Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic Tile Removal
Glue Removal
Astro Turf Removal
Waterproofing Epoxy Removal
Paint Removal
Terracotta Removal
Carpet Vinyl
Timber Floor Removal
Slate Removal
Carpet Direct Stick Removal
Epoxy Removal
Dust Protection
United Trade Graffiti Removal for Industrial in Alison Central Coast and Central Coast

If your property has been vandalized or has graffiti on it, United Trade can clean it up immediately. We can also design a graffiti management program that is suited to your needs, making future maintenance easier, faster, and less expensive.

Commercial Graffiti Removal
Residential Graffiti Removal
Anti-Graffiti Coating
High Quality Commercial Flood and Water Damage Services in Alison Central Coast and Castle Hill

United Trade is Sydney’s carpet and rug cleaning expert, offering high-quality services for commercial, industrial, and domestic carpet and rug cleaning.

Water Damage
Dry Carpet
Water Damaged Carpet Sydney
Sewerage Clean-Up
Flood Restoration
Water Extraction
Flood Restoration Sydney
Wet Carpet
Wet Carpet Drying in Sydney
Dry Water Damage Carpet Sydney
We are Locals of Remedial Polished Concrete Service in Alison Central Coast and Sydney NSW

Grind and seal concrete can be used in a range of circumstances, both residential and commercial, indoors and out, and will provide you with a long-lasting, low-cost finish.

Residential Polished Concrete
Commercial Polished Concrete
Industrial Polished Concrete

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