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If you're looking for concrete injection services flooring in Sydney, Sydney wide including Canberra Act, Wollongong, Goulburn, Newcastle you’ve come to the right place. Our excellent concrete floor polishing restores the beauty of your floor. To find out how much Concrete Flooring costs, give us a call.

The following services are available through United Trade.
Concrete Spalling/Cancer Repair - Concrete Crack Injection
Structural Leaks
Detection of Leaks
Magnesite Extraction
Rising Damp Issues & Damp Proofing
Roof Repairs for Flat Roofss
Thermographic Imaging
Planter Boxes are a great way to add some colour to your garden.
Balcony Waterproofing/Leaking Balconies
Tiling Services
Remedial Actions
Joints for expansion
United Trade is a market leader in high-quality concrete grinding, polishing waterproofing, floor coatings, and infrastructure remediation. Offering Our Clients, A Wide Range Of Industry’s Best Value Solutions Get in touch with us right away,

So, what can you do with polished concrete floors?

Floors for Residential Use
Pool and Outdoor Spaces
Floors for Commercial Use
Child Care Facilities
Shopping malls
And Much More
Quality Resurfacing and grinding, Waterproofing, Floor Coatings, and Infrastructure Remediation united trade specialities. Offering Our Sydney, Canberra Act, Wollongong, Goulburn, Newcastle, and Katoomba Clients, A Wide Range of Industry’s Best Value Solutions Get in touch with us right away
Resurfacing and grinding at Canberra ACT

Resurfacing and grinding: If you have worn and tired exterior concrete surfaces, you are aware of the impact they have on a property’s overall looks. While breaking up and replacing your old, rotting concrete is sometimes an option, it’s likely not the most cost-effective solution.


Around concrete resurfacing and concrete grinding, there are a variety of remedial waterproofing methods that will not only repair but also renovate your surfaces. Various solutions, ranging from epoxy, cement-based toppings to fully polished concrete sealed finishes, can be used here.


These kinds of solutions not only make the concrete you’re resurfacing seem better, but they also make it more resilient in the long run. One of the most tempting features of concrete grinding and resurfacing is that it can last much longer than the original surface.

The most effective epoxy paint removal service in Eastern Suburbs, North Sydney, Western Sydney, Sydney City, South Sydney, Greater Western Sydney, Hills District, North Shore , Blue Mountains , Inner West ,Southwest, Sydney ,Central Cost .

Rtile glue, tile, epoxy paint removal plus Waterproofing Systems; Water Damage; Foundation Repair; Basement Repair; Waterproofing Systems; Water Damage; Foundation Repair; Waterproofing Company in Sydney wide, Sydney City, South Sydney, Greater Western Sydney, Hills District, North Shore has a lot of experience.


We provide a variety of basement waterproofing services at United Trade Waterproofing Sydney, Sydney City, South Sydney, Greater Western Sydney, Hills District, North Shore including installation, crack repairs, and leak detection. Your basement can be secured from leaks and water damage no matter how old your house


Waterproofing Services, Remedial Waterproofing, Concrete Injection Service., concrete Resurfacing, Demolition Non-Structural, Floor Stripping Services, Protective Coating Service, Graffiti Removal, Flood and Water Damage Services, Polished Concrete, Experts – united trade provides expert waterproofing design, restoration, and preventative maintenance to protect your basement and strata property in Sydney wide including Canberra Act, Wollongong, Goulburn, Newcastle


For tile removal and floor levelling, we offer concrete grinding services. Concrete experts in the area. United Trade is your local concrete specialist who is dedicated and professional.

United trade anti – slip flooring all aspect of commercial, industrial, residential?

Clean Slip Seal has years of experience identifying and removing slipping problems from floors. They may treat a range of floor surfaces with industry-leading chemical treatments and sealers to make them non-slip and safe to walk on.


Do you own a shopping mall or a place of business? Wouldn’t it be great if your floors were anti-slip to reduce the chances of someone slipping and getting hurt? Your insurance provider may also compensate you for treating your floors in this manner!

United trade Clean Slip Seal Surface Solutions is a Sydney-based firm that provides a range of non-slip, cleaning, sealing, and maintenance products and services to the Canberra ACT

Structural repair, building remedial, waterproofing remedial all aspect of commercial, industrial, residential?

Projects for Waterproofing
Whether it's rectification, replacement, or failure, there's a solution. Membranes for balconies
Replacement Membranes for the top of the roof
Correction and repair of expansion joint
Projects in Concrete and Brick
Concrete sacrificial anodes, slab edges, structural beams, and overhanging soffits
Cavity Repair and Replacement Systems with Flashing Lights
Crack in the Façade Brick & Stitching Coating systems with ties Projects for Windows and Doors
Hob & Sub Sill Rectifications & Repairs
Upgrades to Windows and Doors
Replacement or Repair of Timber Heritage Windows
Cladding Repairs for Rotten or Defective Cladding
Projects for Cladding
Repairs or improvements to facade coatings
Replacement of Combustible Cladding
Commercial Initiatives  
Fitting out office spaces on the inside
Bathroom Renovations
Complete bathroom renovations with specific waterproofing requirements
Repairs or Replacements of the External Façade
Detection and reporting of leaks
Repairs and replacements of roofs
Only use the shower. Waterproofing failure necessitated replacements
Residential Construction
Engineered structural works for apartments
Insurance Coverage & Repairs
Renovation or addition to an existing structure
Membrane Replacement & Waterproofing
Deck replacement and improvements
United trade is a leader in waterproofing and membrane replacements in the industry.

United trade ‘s waterproofing experts work with you to provide excellent new and corrective services for residential, strata, and commercial projects, from rooftops to balconies and bathrooms.


Waterproofing is critical for maintaining the structural integrity of buildings and structures. When it comes to repairs, United trade ‘s professionals can handle a variety of waterproofing difficulties by using the following methods:

Plus, a lot more
Garages in the basement
Areas that are tiled and paved

United trade Waterproofing & injections concrete cracks is an Eastern Suburbs, North Sydney, Western Sydney, Sydney City, South Sydney, Greater Western Sydney, Hills District, North Shore, Blue Mountains, Inner West, Southwest, Sydney, Central Cost -based company that specialises in everything from remedial waterproofing to concrete restorations. We provide a wide range of services in the Sydney area.


Rising damp is not only unsightly, but it can also jeopardise the structural integrity of your walls. Fortunately, the Leak Free Waterproofing team can perform a complete concrete crack injection solution in Wollongong at a reasonable cost.


Our team can prevent the need for costly and time-consuming wall demolition by injecting damp-suppressing solutions into your bricks or mortar. Our cutting-edge rising damp injectable treatments are quick-acting, risk-free, and highly effective. Our rising damp treatment experts can work on both commercial and residential properties.

Our staff at Leak Free Waterproofing are specialists in the field of remedial waterproofing.

What are the advantages of injecting concrete cracks?


With epoxy or polyurethane, concrete crack injections can help heal and strengthen damaged and cracked concrete. This prevents water from leaking through the concrete and further structural damage to your home.

Crack Injection Concrete Protection for Basements, Foundations, and Retaining Walls

Contact united trade trades & services in Eastern Suburbs, North Sydney, Western Sydney, Sydney City, South Sydney, Greater Western Sydney, Hills District, North Shore, Blue Mountains , Inner West ,Southwest, Sydney ,Central Cost for waterproofing, concrete repair, leaking balcony repair, and bathroom renovation professionals


Concrete is one of the most long-lasting man-made building materials available, as it is both sturdy and affordable.


Cement and water are mixed to make concrete, which is then cured to solidify.


Concrete, on the other hand, shrinks as it hardens.


Extremely low and high temperatures also cause cracking, as does drying too quickly or unevenly.


If the soil beneath the foundation is not stable enough to support the structure’s weight, settlement will result in cracking.

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