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United Trade in Glenfield South West Sydney and North Shore now servicing Remedial Building repair.

With our extensive industry knowledge, there is no maintenance project that we can't assist you with. We have the correct people for water leaks, mould and mildew, rotten timber replacement, fire safety upgrades, termite treatment, and stairs and landings, regardless of the job.

Our Trades Waterproofing Specialist Services All Sydney Area from Bankstown South West Sydney to North Shore.
Waterproofing Contractors now caters Residential and Commercial from Glenfield South West Sydney to South Sydney.
Our Waterproofing services are necessary to create long-lasting, dependable Waterproofing solutions for our customers. We provide expert waterproofing services in Liberty Grove for a wide array of internal and external areas of residential and commercial properties including, but not limited to the following:
Concrete pipe joints
Concrete rooftops
Retaining walls
Man-made ponds
Porous substrates
Reservoirs and dams
Wall/ceiling and wall/floor joints
Concrete water tanks
Green rooftop spaces
Balconies and patios
Plant rooms
Construction joints
Concrete swimming pools
Concrete slabs
Garden beds
Water fountains
Basement carparks
Expansion joints
Pipe/service penetrations
Experts of Remedial Waterproofing Residential servicing Glenfield South West Sydney and North Shore.
Different sorts of materials can be employed depending on what has to be accomplished. If a crack needs to be fixed structurally and the area around the crack needs to be fortified, an epoxy-based product is the best choice. Our expertise in remedial waterproofing in Glenfield comes from decades of diverse experience across residential and commercial premises.
Expansion Joint Repair
Wall Crack Stitching
Sunken or Cracked Concrete
Concrete Raising Service
Concrete Cancer + Stitching
Building restoration Protective Coating of United Trade now servicing Glenfield South West Sydney and Sydney Wide.
When you partner with United Trade, you get the best of both worlds. Decades of experience are at your disposal. When we lay down an epoxy flake floor, you can rest assured that it will last. We’ll let you know if we don’t think it’ll last before we start working. Protective Coating services in Glenfield are available for a variety of indoor and external parts of residential and commercial structures, including.
Epoxy And Polyurea Coatings
Industrial Coating Systems
Polyurethane Coatings
Epoxy Flake Flooring
Polished Concrete Systems
Anti-slip & non-slip Flooring
Quality of Work is assured with United Trade Concrete Injection from Sydney New South Wales to Blue Mountains and Glenfield South West Sydney.
United Trade employs a two-part, high-strength, fast-setting method to repair concrete damage ranging from hairline fractures to structural repairs. These solutions are perfect for mending holes, spalls, and fractures in concrete, both inside and outside of buildings where considerable vehicle traffic is expected. Our Concrete Injection Service in Glenfield expertise is based on decades of varied experience in both residential and commercial settings.
Building Restoration Services
Remedial And Refurbishments
Painting And Decorating
General Building Services
Strata Repairs & Maintenance
Gyprock Plasterboard
Structural Repair
Bathroom Renovation
Building maintenance Concrete Resurfacing Service of United Trade servicing Glenfield South West Sydney and Sydney Wide.
The cost of resurfacing a concrete floor or other walking surface varies according on the square footage, colour, finish, pattern, and condition of the previous surface way, among other factors. In Glenfield we provide experienced Concrete Resurfacing services for a variety of indoor and external aspects of residential and commercial properties, including.
Concrete Grinding
Epoxy Paint Removal
Floor Levelling
Remediation And Restoration
Tile Glue Removal
Waterproofing Membrane Removal
Concrete Floor Polishing
Concrete Crack Repair
Residential Demolition Non-Structural at Glenfield South West Sydney and Wollongong.
All throughout Glenfield, we specialize in home strip outs, commercial strip outs, and internal demolition services. We are your one-stop shop strip out service team, whether you’re wanting to strip walls, remove an outdated bathroom, or clear a building interior.
Brick Wall Removal
BBQ Brick Up Removal
Office Partitions/Wall Removal
Gyprock Removal
Pergola, Patio Removal
Shop Strip-Outs
Ceiling Removal
Stair/Steps Removal
Commercial Floor Stripping of United Trade assures you quality of work in New Castle and Glenfield South West Sydney.
For one thing, you can count on United Trade’s concrete removal services to leave you speechless. Concrete flooring that refuses to budge is no match for our expertise. Our services are available throughout Glenfield and the surrounding areas of Sydney’s Inner West.
Timber Flooring
Existing Coatings, Epoxy, Acrylic, etc
Vinyl Floor Removal
Cork Removal
Bedding Removal
Stencil Crete Removal
Wall Tile Removal
Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic Tile Removal
Glue Removal
Astro Turf Removal
Waterproofing Epoxy Removal
Paint Removal
Terracotta Removal
Carpet Vinyl
Timber Floor Removal
Slate Removal
Carpet Direct Stick Removal
Epoxy Removal
Dust Protection
Graffiti Removal Industrial, Commercial and Residential of United Trade is now in Glenfield South West Sydney and Greater Western Sydney.

Graffiti can also take the form of vandalism. Rude statements are spray-painted on business walls and in public locations by wrongdoers. It will be cleared, sending a strong message to the criminals that no matter what they do, they will never bring anyone down. Our services are available throughout Glenfield and the surrounding areas of Sydney’s Inner West.

Commercial Graffiti Removal
Residential Graffiti Removal
Anti-Graffiti Coating
From Sydney NSW to Western Sydney and Glenfield South West Sydney we facilitate Flood and Water Damage Services.
We understand that following a crisis, you just want things to get back to normal as soon as possible. That’s exactly what our professional water damage clean-up procedures and equipment will do! You can count on us for all of your water damage restoration needs due to our extensive experience. Our services are available throughout Glenfield and the surrounding areas of South West Sydney.
Water Damage
Dry Carpet
Water Damaged Carpet Sydney
Sewerage Clean-Up
Flood Restoration
Water Extraction
Flood Restoration Sydney
Wet Carpet
Wet Carpet Drying in Sydney
Dry Water Damage Carpet Sydney

Our facility service provides Polished Concrete from Glenfield South West Sydney to All Suburbs of Sydney.

If you need your floor shined, employ specialists who know what they’re doing because a wonderful final result will provide you a fantastic return on investment if the polishing lasts as long as you want it to.Glenfield and the adjacent districts of South West Sydney are served by our services.
Residential Polished Concrete
Commercial Polished Concrete
Industrial Polished Concrete

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