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In Suburbs, North Sydney, Western Sydney, Sydney City, South Sydney and rural NSW, United Trade is the most requested Polyurethane Injection Concrete Crack Repair Service.



Stabilization of the Foundation

When voids or gaps appear in cement slabs, they can become unstable. Slab stabilisation is a preventative and remedial procedure for restoring or stabilising a slab. The cement slab is stabilised to avoid or reduce cracking and other potential structural damage.

Repairing Cracks

Concrete can crack for a variety of reasons, from harsh force to chemical reactions to faulty original construction. We guarantee that we will thoroughly identify the origin of your concrete cracks, not only repairing the damage but also preventing future harm.

Repairing Cancer in Concrete

When the steel reinforcing a concrete slab rust, it causes concrete cancer. As rust spreads, it pushes the surrounding concrete out of place, making it brittle and cracking. Concrete cancer repair might be time-consuming, but with our help, your structure will be in good shape in no time.

Crack injection with polyurethane

United States trade Remedial specialises in using high-pressure injection devices to fix actively leaking fractures in concrete.


The leaking cracks are drilled out with a series of holes, and moisture reactive material is pumped into the crack under pressure until the reaction process has occurred, and the product forms a permanent and flexible seal for your concrete structure. Common places for moisture ingress are basement carparks, dance walls, concrete roofing, and any concrete structure exposed to moisture ingress.

Repairing Structural Cracks

Concrete is widely used in the construction industry for its strength, density, and longevity; however, structural cracking can occur due to movement and load bearing issues; these cracks can be repaired with an epoxy injection system by drilling a series of holes at specific depths and intervals, and an epoxy resin is then injected into the cracks, filling the voids and helping to prevent further cracking; typical areas include carparks, basements, roofing/floor slabs, and swiping; however, these cracks

Quality Waterproofing, Floor Coatings, Concrete & Structural Leak Detection & Reporting, and Infrastructure Remediation Projects are among our specialities in Wollongong, Goulburn, Newcastle, and Katoomba. Eastern Suburbs, North Sydney, Western Sydney, Sydney City, South Sydney, Greater Western Sydney

Other Services Concrete & Structural Leak Detection & Reporting (over 25 years of experience)

Penetrating Damp & Rising Damp
Waterproofing Below Ground & Retaining Walls
Injection of concrete
Repairs of Water and Storage Tanks
Membranes & Protective Coatings
Rooftop Gardens & Planter Boxes
Spalling / Concrete Cancer
Waterfalls, waterscapes, and ponds are all examples of water features
Membranes for the Roof
Remedial Actions
Inspections, reporting, and insurance are all things that need to be taken care of.
Projects by Experts
United Trade offers professional crack repair services. Coatings for Protection

Over 25 years in the remedial construction industry in Hills District, North Shore, Blue Mountains, Inner West, Southwest, Sydney, Central Cost our team of water proofers has installed a wide range of waterproofing, crack repair services. Coatings for Protection


The use of a crack injection for concrete rehabilitation is only effective if it is done appropriately and in a coordinated manner. We have a lengthy history of working with epoxy at Protective Coatings. From resin floor toppings to decorative finishes to using a waterproof injection for concrete crack repair, our inventive problem-solving approach has allowed us to achieve exceptional outcomes in everything from resin floor toppings to decorative finishes.

To gain complete piece of mind that your concrete cracks are being fixed by a competent team with years of good outcomes across Australia, contact us via our enquiry form or by phone.

United trade Waterproof & Structural Solutions can assist maintenance / asset managers and owners in solving water damage issues for Concrete crack injection can be used to fix structural flaws or to waterproof a structure in a variety of methods. united trade can create a custom solution for you
High-rise Basements
High-rise Rooftops
We use state of the art thermal imaging systems which can identify moisture and effected areas
Underwater high-definition video cameras with video footage available for clients and insurance organisations.
Commercial and Residential Car Parks
Hydraulic service / supply cavities
Cavity cameras which reduce invasive destruction whilst locating the source of water issues
Periodic inspections to reduce long term cost of concrete damage
Civil structures eg; bridges, water tanks & reservoirs
Water storage tanks concrete underground and above ground
Through concrete scanning and location systems

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