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There could be multiple reasons behind your need for membrane waterproofing removal service in Australia. Whatever your reason, you should know that rooftop waterproofing removal is a major undertaking and not one that can be accomplished in a single DIY session over the weekend. The process is long and complex and anybody involved needs to wear the appropriate safety equipment and have the right machinery for the job.

If you’re thinking of removing waterproof membrane coatings it means taking everything off and starting from scratch – which will probably need to be done anyway as most roofs have additional finished materials in place on top of the waterproofed layer.

Two types of efficient waterproof removal are available – mechanical and chemical. Mechanical removers use abrasive actions for removal and are very noisy without the correct equipment. Chemical waterproofing removal is strong and a mask and protective gear would be needed to avoid inhaling fumes. If the waterproof membrane was applied using an adhesive, a blowtorch may be required to melt the adhesive enough for it to be removed. After this is done, a good scraping or blast from a compressor will remove any leftover residue.

While it may appear simple to you, removing waterproofing membranes can be a tedious task, and might need an expert solution for perfect removal. We, at United Trade, have years of experience working with various types of membranes and are well-equipped with the latest technical know-how to remove any kind of waterproofing membrane.

So without thinking much you can just reach us at 1800 845 154 for the hassle-free removal of waterproofing membrane and other works.

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