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Let’s dive into the best tile Glue removal services

Many types of adhesive may be used to ensure tiles stay in place over time. Because tiles are meant to stay in place for decades, the adhesives used in the process are made to last, and getting it off the surface of the floor when you are ready to make a change in tiles can be difficult. In some cases, the original installer will have glued tiles to a sheet of plywood, and then glued that plywood to the concrete subfloor underneath.

This helps to keep the floor stable but makes the removal process much more complicated. Removing all of this to expose the concrete surface can be difficult, and leave remnants of glue and plywood behind. Until all traces of this old glue is gone, efforts to put down new tile, carpet, or wood flooring have to be postponed, or the installation may not have good results.

United Trade has a team of experienced crew, who can perform floor glue removal in a short time frame, leaving your sub-floors clean, smooth, and ready for installation of a new flooring surface.

We begin, as always, with protecting the surfaces and content of your home. Laying out protective plastic sheets and aluminum reinforcement ramps, we take every precaution to make sure your home is prepared for removal work. Our machines use sharp, thick blades designed to peel any of these types of glue away from the floor. If there are still pieces of glue left stuck to the concrete surface, we use hand tools to ensure it is cleanly removed. Then, using grinders, we smooth out any bits that may remain to ensure every inch of the floor is left clean.

To find out more about removing glue from your tiles, contact 1800 845 154 to get a free inspection.

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