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Structural Crack Injection: For better than ever before results

With time cracks starts to appear on the concrete surfaces, and this gets only worse as time passes by and sooner than later you need to repair it. Various resins and joints are used to repair such cracks in concrete structures. And knowledge of which resin is to be used, in what amount and till when the resin should be not disturbed, all becomes important. Otherwise, even after the use of the best injections for the crack, the concrete structural repair won’t last long.

With more than 25 years of experience working on various types of concrete structural repair in Australia, we have become the premier choice for Structural Crack Injection. Our contractors are very professional with their work, they will first clean the damaged surface by vacuuming it or by flushing high pressured water to remove all the loose materials in the structure. The cracks on the surface are then sealed with suitable resins and joints after proper examination of the foundation. Once the cracks have been filled, the ports and surface seals are removed, mostly by grinding the surface.

When the concrete surface is too deteriorated for crack injection, then all loose material is removed and new concrete is placed with joints in between to prevent any future damage and providing it long-lasting strength. Reach us to see the difference in our work by yourself.

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