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Give your foundations the durability of our plain epoxy system

Plain Epoxy Resin is a high-performance product designed for residential, industrial, and commercial applications. With outstanding chemical resistance, durability, low porosity, and strong bond strength as a roll coat is an idea for simple garage application. Applied as an interior system Plain Epoxy can give a high-end designer feel to any home. A clear glaze coat such as epoxy resin can be applied to give the look of depth to the coat like a sheet of glass has been put over the floor.

Epoxy Coating can be applied to offer protection to the concrete floor surface against everyday wear and to protect the floor from spills and chemicals. It can be applied in a non-slip finish for safety requirements and as a decorative finish to enhance the appearance in the workplace. From the application of a basic sealer coat to a thicker trowel applied resin floor screed, United Trade Links have many years of practical experience in the application of industrial resin floor systems.

United Trade uses superior, large scale machinery and tools to complete all of our jobs. This gets the epoxy resin or non-slip flooring is done quicker, more efficiently, and allows us to give more attention to detail. Our investment in leading-edge tools and preparation machinery enables us to deliver a superior floor finish that will give you decades of protection.

If you’ve got an existing surface that’s damaged or deteriorated, then an epoxy resin coating will provide protection of that substrate; effectively maintaining or even increasing the floor's life expectancy. Reach us at 1800 845 154 for your plain epoxy systems in Australia.

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