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For the concrete repair of the leaking cracks

Carbonation, Movement, or poor construction can sometimes cause dangerous cracks in concrete buildings or other installations, thus cause leaks and water penetration. Resin injection is one of the most proven and reliable solutions for such leaking cracks in concrete. Portholes are drilled in the affected concrete structures where resins are pumped under high pressure to ensure proper filling of the entire space of the cracks.

At United Trade we provide complete crack injection services and protective coatings to the structures across Australia to various sectors ranging from residential to commercial to government. We first assess the area where resin injection services are needed, where our specialists try to find the best possible solution for your sealing crack, and work to fix the crack with proper technology and safety.

Structures where we already have working experience for leaking crack injection include-

  • Service Reservoirs
  • Water Towers
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Tunnels
  • Bridges
  • Industrial plants
  • Basements

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