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United Trade: for hassle-free epoxy paint removal services

Epoxy coated floors might make you feel like you have no choice in the look of your home and can’t personalize the main areas of your business, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With the help of an experienced flooring removal crew, it is possible to get rid of the epoxy floors and replace them with something that works better for your purposes.

United Trade process for epoxy paint removal is not only safer and more effective than using chemicals; it is better for the air quality in your home. Once everything is in place to keep your home safe, our trained crews begin working on epoxy flooring removal. We use specialized removal machines to remove the epoxy across most of the floor’s surface. Using a sharp blade designed for this purpose, we can quickly remove the majority of the coating from the concrete underfloor surface. Our state of the art machines can get rid of most of the epoxy coating, leaving only a small amount behind to be tackled with hand tools.

Our skilled team using hand tools designed for this purpose removes any remaining areas. These tools allow us to do precise work in the corners and other hard to reach parts of the floor, getting rid of any parts of epoxy. After we complete removal, we use grinders to wear away anything that is left on the surface. This leaves the area smooth, allowing new flooring to be placed in the area. As we work, our dust containment units capture any dust generated before it has a chance to spread. Our pulse vacuums keep the work area clean and stop dust from spreading throughout the home, sucking up any larger pieces of debris.

Our safe industrial flooring removal works over damaged concrete floors without making your existing issues worse. If you have damaged floors in need of repairs, our concrete restoration experts will gladly fix your flooring for you.

Learn more about our floor coating removal services by contacting 1800 845 154 for the best epoxy paint removal services.

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