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Defect Analysis & Repairs

A key skill of a United Trade Building Surveyor is the understanding of all types of construction and the ability to identify defects within a structure. With a sound knowledge of building pathology, the correct method of defect repair can be specified and monitored. If left ignored defects can manifest into a more significant issue very quickly.

United Trade Property Defect Analysis Report focuses solely on a specific issue within the property. The inspection and report will determine the cause and cost of the defect and will then go onto confirm the solution required to rectify and make good the defect.

Property defects can be confusing and costly for homeowners and if substandard advice is obtained, it can lead to costly and unnecessary contractor repairs. We at United Trade, through our experienced and qualified team of Surveyors, aim to avoid this mistake and assist in having the defect made good in both a time and cost-effective manner.

Our service professionals carefully listen to questions and concerns before starting a project. Using advanced technology and reliable methods, we can help you locate the cause and origin of any defect and provide solutions to keep it from happening again.

Contact us at 1800 845 154 for any kind of building detection and reporting throughout Australia.

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