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We can raise every concrete structure that you have

Concrete raising by United Trade is a process that uses a cementitious material to raise slabs and fill voids beneath them. This process of raising concrete with concrete/cement slurry results in a repair that is impervious to water and therefore a more permanent fix. The slurry is pumped under pressure into small holes drilled through concrete slabs. The slurry displaces air pockets, water or water-saturated materials, fills all void areas under the slab, raises the slab, and leaves a firm permanent subgrade. Our slurry was designed to handle a greater load capacity than the average clay soil and yet have a lesser density than regular concrete (to allow for future digging and excavation – if necessary).

What does all this mean to you? The best and the longest-lasting results for your structure.

United Trade Concrete Raising & Repair provides concrete raising, stabilizing, and void filling services to Residential, Commercial/Industrial, and Community Association markets throughout Australia at one half to one third the cost of concrete replacement and provides the best warranty in the industry!

So, if your sunken concrete is a candidate for concrete raising, we are managers for all types of concrete raising services in Australia. Reach us at 1800 845 154 to increase curb appeal and to put your concrete back where it belongs!

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