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Give your concrete the durability it needs

A water stop is a material embedded in the concrete, with the sole purpose of obstructing the passage of water through the joint. Therefore water stops are used as part of the waterproofing protection on a variety of concrete structures like tunnels, treatment plants, reservoirs, marine structures, and much more.

To choose a water stop suitable for the project’s joint-sealing needs, it is important to know which kind of water stop will suit your structure. Depending on the requirement, different varieties of water stops are used by United Trade, some of them are- PVC water stops, Bentonite water stops, Urethane water stops, and Metallic water stops

Common Applications where United Trade uses Waterstops include:

  • - Concrete Foundations joints
  • - Concrete Floors and walls joints
  • - Precast Concrete Slabs
  • - Sewage treatment and wastewater plants
  • - Underground installations
  • - Tunnel Water lining
  • - Hoses and piping connections
  • - Water tanks and reservoirs

The best way to prevent water and condensation damage in your structures is to get joint water stop services from United Trade. A well-waterproofed structure will help you keep the foundation long-lasting with minimal effort. We have all the knowledge, skills, and experience to provide you excellent services at affordable pricing for all your concrete joint water stop services in Australia.

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