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United Trade: For the concrete grinding of your problem

Concrete grinding is the method of using diamond blades called shoes and concrete grinding machines to remove adhesives, glues, or leveling the surface for the preparation of vinyl, wooden floors, etc.

Many different grinders are available on the market and all offer variations to grinding concrete. Our machines and our highly trained staff provide a dust-free environment with low noise with excellent results.

United Trade Concrete grinding removes concrete surfaces or layers of concrete. This is done when prepping for a new flooring install, to improve safety, or create better drainage in uneven floors. Shot blasting is similar to concrete grinding but uses small steel balls to remove the top layer of concrete and dirt. Additional reasons for using concrete grinding include:

  • Removal of floor coatings and surfaces: Includes glue, epoxy, and rubber flooring floor surfaces, paint, and grout from ceramic or stone tile.
  • Surface prep: Diamond grinding equipment can create a smooth surface for polished concrete or stained concrete floors.
  • New flooring prep: Shot blasting and concrete grinding smooth uneven surfaces and remove dirt, oil, and other debris. Southern Floor offers concrete grinding and shot blasting to prep for the install of hardwood floors, tile, carpet, and epoxy floor paint.
  • Create level-flooring: Flooring can rise and create uneven and potentially dangerous surfaces. Concrete grinding can reduce and eliminate these problems and also improve water drainage.
  • Clean flooring: Shot blasting and concrete grinding remove dirt, oil, glue, and other debris from floors. Our dust suppression systems are perfect for working in medical and pharmaceutical labs or manufacturing and packaging plants.

United Trade provides the complete concrete grinding service across Australia. As a specialist flooring company, we understand the importance of professional, surface preparation and so we are always on the toes to provide quality concrete grinding at affordable costs. Reach us today at 1800 845 154 to hire your floor grinding specialist!

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