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Chemical Injection Solutions

United Trade chemical injection is a technology used for soil and groundwater remediation which reduces contaminant concentrations. The advanced oxidation/reduction technology and environmental remediation techniques introduce reactive chemicals to change harmful contaminants within the subsurface into less harmful contaminants or eliminate them.

United Trade Chemical Oxidation involves injecting strong chemical oxidizers directly into the contaminated medium (soil or groundwater) to destroy any chemical contaminants. Permanganate, persulfate, hydrogen peroxide, and ozone are the four most commonly used oxidants, with catalysts sometimes added to increase the speed of the chemical reaction. United Trade chemical oxidation remediates a variety of organic compounds, including compounds that are resistant to natural degradation.

We offer a range of injection systems to suit a wide variety of applications and can modify each system for project-specific requirements. We have been providing Chemical Injection Utilities for over 25 years throughout Australia.

Our in-house rapid response and customer-driven, Pneumatic, and Electric services include design, engineering, fabrication, testing, commissioning, and maintenance of Chemical Injection Packages for clients all around Australia.

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