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Sam Saman
Founder and CEO

United trade was founded by SAM SAMAN with a business operating experience of over 20 years. He holds that rare combination of a young man’s vision coupled with the experience of a veteran businessman.

With a tertiary qualification in Accounting and a Diploma in Building and construction, he holds builders’ licenses throughout Australia. United Trade founded by him was not a day phenomenon; it took more than 15 years of culminated experience in various predecessor companies to start, what is now, one of the finest maintenance and repair companies.

To talk about his vision, it was born from the background in building maintenance, renovations, and property development. Within these fields, Sam learned first-hand the needs and challenges of managing development properties. This experience is reflected in his leadership style and his keen vision, which is focused on the highest-quality customer service.

His role now is to ensure that all operations are consistent with the business’s customer service-oriented values. As an owner, he is with United Trade in every step of the way. Whatever the customer’s need may be, he personally monitors that the job is done right for complete satisfaction.

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